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Student Programs

Army Research Laboratory (ARL) Outreach Program Conditions of Appointment

ARL Outreach Program participants may accept funding from sources outside of ARL, including private scholarships, fellowships, grants, and private or federal student loans. ARL Outreach Program participants may not accept funding from federal scholarships, fellowships, grants (including the Federal Pell Grant) or other federal funding sources other than ARL with the exception of salary supplements provided by Sponsoring Facilities and Veteran’s Affairs programs (ex: Montgomery GI Bill, Post 9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act, the Survivors’ and Dependants’ Educational Assistance Program).

There is no monetary limit on the amount of private outside funding an ARL Outreach Program participant may accept. Acceptance of outside funding may in no way impact the ARL Outreach Program participant’s obligations under the ARL Service Agreement. Receipt of outside funding does not reduce or eliminate the service commitment.

Participants may accept public and/or private loans.

Participants must comply with all other ARL Outreach Program policies and procedures as outlined in the program handbook.

Multi-Media Consent/Release

Upon acceptance of any ARL Outreach Program award, participants (or their parent/legal guardian, if under age 17) will be requested to sign a release authorizing the Army/Army Research Laboratory (ARL), its employees, agents, successors, subsidiaries, licensees and assigns, the right and permission to reproduce, use, exhibit, display, broadcast, distribute, publish and create derivative works from any photographs, video, or recordings taken of them for any purpose and in any and all media forever.

By giving your permission, you are also agreeing to waive the right to sue and/or lodge a complaint in any forum over the use of your photographs, videos, or audio recordings in any Army/ARL publication, website, or social media platform, and waive the right to receive any compensation for the photographs, video, or audio recordings.

If an individual elects not to sign the release, they will still be able to participate in the designated program, and all reasonable effort will be taken to exclude them from photographs, videos, and audio-recordings during the course of program activities/events.


Last Update / Reviewed: August 16, 2015